Ground: Switchable Hard / Float
Gain: 0dB and +6dB switchable
Attenuation: -52dB

Backpanel functions:
2 positions for grounding- hard, float. Choose the one that gives lowest system hum

The net result is a very dynamic, involving linestage which can drivemost any load that sounds tonally correct.

The kit builder needs to have basic soldering skills and be able toread and understand the wiring diagrams presented. Refer to the textand diagrams at each step throughout the manual and ensure you doublecheck all wiring at each stage. It is also advantageous to refer to thecircuit diagrams at the back of the manual throughout the build.

Recommended Solder
It is recommended that included silver solder be used.

 meansto apply the iron tip to the point that needs to be soldered to heat itand at the same time apply the solder. The iron and solder cometogether at the same time when soldering any joint or tinning a wireand the solder should start to flow evenly around the joint. Allow thesolder to cool naturally and do not blow on it. The finished jointshould appear shiny and not dull.

Many problems are due to poor solder technique. Clean the irontip regularly on a wet sponge between each soldering step.

 meansto dress a wire by stripping off enough insulation and then attachingit to the designated point or component. The connection is NOT to besoldered at this time. It is a good idea to tin all wires beforeattaching them. Always wrap the wire around the connection point tomake a good mechanical connection.

meansto dress a wire by stripping off enough insulation and soldering it tothe connection point or first tinning the wire. When connecting a wireto a valve base pin it is recommended that enough insulation be removedso the wire can be wrapped around the pin to form a good mechanicaljoint before soldering. When attaching wires to any of the PCB’s orswitches you should strip off a small amount of insulation and thenapply solder to the exposed wire to tin it before fixing it to the PCB.

Ifyour wire is teflon coated high purity copper Single Strand Magnet Wire
This wire comes with an enamel coating so the part of the wire, whichwill form part of a joint, must have its enamel removed before fixingand soldering. This can be done by boiling off the enamel in a solderpot or by holding the tip of a hot soldering iron with a little solderon the end against the wire until you see the enamel start to boilaway. Clean the iron tip on a wet sponge afterwards and then tin thenewly exposed wire. You can also use a fine sand paper to remove theenamel. This wire is ideal for signal ground connections.


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