Our Dynamic History

Moving warehouse is like a yearly event for us because we have to adopt to the changing environment. This month we are moving to our 10th warehouse across the ocean to the Philippines, where experienced tube audio technicians are available. Of course operating cost is much lower than Hong Kong as well. The only problem here in the Philippines is the poor postal service. However, Fedex service from Philippines to Hong Kong is very cheap. So orders will be packed in the Philippines and sent to Hong Kong Post weekly by Fedex.

More details about our shipping options can be found here

Started in a commercial building. DIY Hifi Supply’s first office was in an expensive commercial building located in Tsim Sha Tsui, a busy commercial area in Hong Kong. That was 18 years ago.

Relocation for new products. Two years later, in 2003, DIY Hifi Supply moved to a bigger unit in an industrial building located in Mongkok to do more product development. There we made our Ladyday, Django etc. That’s the time I joined DIY Hifi Supply. Four years later in 2007 we needed more space without increasing our rental expense. The only solution is moving away from the cities. But just two years later, we again needed more space. We moved to a 2000 sq feet unit to develop more products like LUX 300B amp, Tram 45 preamp, Crescendo Speaker Tower, Ergo Cole Phono amp, BIX+ turntable etc. Those are great sounding products developed together with Mr. T. Loesch. We developed filament supply module, remote control module, clock module, but the Auto Bias Module and Power Supply Module randomly broke down when they were interacting to each other. At the same time Mr. B. Cherry already wanted to retire. So we moved again. This time is to simplify our operation.

Relocation for more focus on parts. Tube amp is a niche market. Seeing a global decline of demand and increase of operating cost in Hong Kong, we reduced the number of workers in Hong Kong, and moved to a smaller, then a smaller units. There we stopped making power amp but focused on selling parts.

Moving to Philippines. Surprisingly I found many Filipinos who are making tube amps for the locals. But actually I shouldn’t be surprised, why, Filipino loves music and singing. After the Manila Hifi Show in 2017 and 2018, I looked for ways to stay in the Philippines, where my wife originated from. That would also make it easier for us to make power amp again. Office was moved to Philippines in July 2018. Warehouse are being relocated this month and next month. About 50 cubic feet of cargo are being shipped via sea freight. I hope we will have some new products in the future.

—- Simon, July 2019.

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