Shipping Arrangement During Aug 2019 Relocation

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Shipment of certain items are temporarily affected by our relocation until mid-Sep 2019.

There is limited number of stock in Hong Kong that is available for immediate shipment.

Some items are already in the Philippines and can be shipped directly from the Philippines by Fedex, or can be sent by airmail via Hong Kong Post. If the shipping is via Hong Kong Post, there will be an extra week of processing time.

Stock in Hong Kong:

  • TJ tubes
  • Obbligato Ultra Premium Gold Caps
  • Obbligato Gold caps
  • Obbligato Oil caps
  • Resistors
  • Silver wire

Stock in the Philippines:

  • Obbligato Gold caps
  • Kiwame resistors 2w
  • TVC
  • Silver wire
  • Grid choke
  • Tentlab modules
  • Silver solder
  • Horn ribbon tweeter
  • Chazz II headphone amp
  • Sota chassis
  • Turntable plinth
  • Jumpers
  • Copper sheet

Other items are in a cargo shipment on the way to our new warehouse in the Philippines. We expect that our operation will be back to normal in mid-Sep.

—- Updated on Aug 8, 2019.

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