TJ Fullmusic

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“I received the tubes [TJ Fullmusic mesh plate ST 300B] in perfect condition and wow!!!! What a beautiful sound they produce. Going right now through some John Coltrane and Miles Davis documents…unbelievable sound.” – RB, United States

““Sonically this valve [TJ 300B] was a revelation… It offers that clarity, directness and openness I know from my 45’s but adds power and even more resolution. I love it. The tonal balance is very even-handed, the soundstage is ridiculously extended and opened up. Detail, especially these little background things are exceptionally well resolved” –

Many buyers are amazed with the sound when they replace their tubes with TJ Fullmusic. They are manufactured in a small, specialized factory in Tianjin, China. Since year 2002, TJ Fullmusic has been our top seller. We always provide 12 months warranty for our TJ Fullmusic tubes. We did that in the past and we will continue to do so.