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Django is a creative approach for a lossless and noiseless preamp or volume control. It represents the ultimate transparency with dynamics even at the lowest listening levels.

Each Django is tailored made and professionally assembled by hands in our workshop.

There are lots of options to build the Django. Please email us if you have special requirement.


Minimalistic design: no source selector, shaft extension is used to shorten signal path. Yet, premium parts are used. Silver RCAs and silver hookup wire, the best TVC, Seiden Switch from Japan (for volume) and Japanese toggle switch (for XLR/RCA).

Input: 1RCA, 1 XLR
Output: 1 RCA, 1 XLR

Front: 23 step volume control
Back: XLR/RCA mode selector

IMPORTANT NOTE: Buyer needs to drill to holes on the chassis for RCAs, XLRs, toggle switches, TVC mounts, shaft extension, feet etc.



Review in TNT

TVC Theory and Application

Assembly Manual

TVC attenutation

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Weight 3000 g

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