Fully Annealed MuMETAL Shielding Sheet 0.15mm (305 x 203mm or 12 x 8 inch)

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MuMETAL is effective at reducing induced noise in signal sensitive gear with high gain and small signal levels. If you are trying to achieve the quietness of state-of-the-art hifi, try enclosing transformers with MuMETAL.



1 circular layer (overlapping ends) around a transformer can attenuate by up to 75%. More wraps = more attenuation.

Best shielding is obtained by enclosing both the source and the device.
Edges will be sharp. Caution when handling.Specification:

Thickness:  0.15mm

Size: 305 x 203mm (12 x 8 inch)

This product conforms to specs ASTM A753 Alloy 4, MIL-N-14411C Composition 1, and 1J79



3mm plywood is used to ensure that the MuMetal sheet will remain flat during the delivery.


More about MuMETAL:

MuMETAL is heat treated with “Perfection Annealing” process in a hydrogen furnace. This process yields the highest possible magnetic permeability and the best possible product. The Perfection Annealing process can improve the permeability up to 40 times.


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