AVC Autoformer Volume Control Pair (Permalloy)




There are two versions, 100% permalloy core and 50/50% Permalloy and Z11 core.

100% Permalloy Core

Autoformer soft iron shielding case (easy to install top side of chassis and looks good. Using three mounting bolts, 28 steps! Suitable for use in TVC (AVC). 28 step gives about 60 DB of attenuation.

Attached find the test data as installed in Do-It Box.
Our EMU1616 is not quite flat at the top. Based on loop back measurement of EMU
Correction to be applied to measurements of FR using EMU:
20KHz +0.25dB
30KHz +0.50dB
40KHz +1.00dB
50KHz +1.75dB
60KHz +2.50dB
70KHz +3.50db
80KHz +4.50db
This means measuring -6db @ 80KHz actually is -1.5db from the DUT and 4.5db from the test setup.


50/50 Permalloy and Z11 core

28 step auto former in soft iron shielding case (as above for mounting). Suitable for use on the output of active line stages as the blended core does not saturate and can handle line level output signal (100% Permalloy is unsuitable as it will saturate with high signal levels). 28 steps also gives about 60 DB of attenuation.

Additional information

Weight 600 g

100% Permalloy, 50/50 Permalloy and Z11


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