Post Office Registered Airmail (Buyer Accepts the Risk of Postal Delay or Postal Loss)

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Special note during the COID19 Pandemic

As of March 11, 2021, Post office airmail is only available for shipments to the following countries

  1. Australia
  2. China (except Macau)
  3. Canada
  4. Hong Kong
  5. Japan
  6. Korea
  7. Malaysia
  8. Taiwan
  9. Thailand
  10. USA
  11. Singapore
  12. New Zealand


By choosing this cheaper shipping method, you understand and accept the risk of postal delay or postal loss. We as the seller are not liable for any postal delay or postal loss.

After posting the parcel, we will give you an “airmail registration number”, some people thought it’s a tracking number. However, the registration number often simply shows “the parcel left the country”. Usually, no other detail will be provided.

Moreover, it’s almost impossible to get a reply from the post office if your parcel doesn’t show up. Most of the time you just wait then the parcel will be delivered one day. If you cannot accept this risk or uncertainty, please choose FedEx or UPS service.


How long is the delivery time of post office airmail?

The post office doesn’t provide any information regarding the longest delivery time. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, most airmail shipments can be delivered in 1-2 weeks. Occasionally customers tell us that their shipments were delivered after a month. We also experienced that some airmail parcels were lost. Those were experiences from before the pandemic. The delivery time now is expected to be much longer during this pandemic.

There are reviews posted on Jan 2021 saying that parcels were delivered in 27 days from the Philippines to the US during the pandemic.

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