Premium Universal Wood Frame Chassis (390 x 307 x 75mm)




This beautiful bamboo wood frame chassis is suitable for almost all DIY project from preamp to power amp. All parts are premium quality CNC’d parts just like the high-end big guys use — worthy of your masterpiece.

Back panel has 8 pairs of 23mm holes for XLR/RCA sockets and one 17mm hole for power supply (you can add $10 to convert it to IEC)
Price inclues :
1 x bamboo wood chassis frame
1 x thick steel bottom plate
1 x clear dark thick acrylic top plate
1 x aluminum back panel
2 x beautiful chrome-on-brass knobs
4 x adjustable feet
We have limited supply of plain front chassis. Please inquiry for the availability.

External dimension (W x D x H) : 390 x 307 x 75mm

Additional information

Weight 3000 g


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