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This Preamplifier Control System uses an electronic potentiometer as used in all current Audio Research Preamplifiers, unlike other common volume control chips this device does not contain a build in op-amp.

The Preamplifier Control System consists of two PCBs:

Audio PCB:
1. 2 channels
2. 5-way input switching, and
3. Volume control, can be configured as mono balanced or stereo single ended

Control PCB:
1. ALPS rotary encoders
2. LED indication of input & volume, and
3. Power-supplies and microprocessor control


  • 127 step volume control from -52dB to 0dB attenuation with 12 LED level indicators
  • 5 Inputs with LED indicators
  • Remote control via universal remote control (RC5 code)
  • Options for shunt operation (-46dB to -3dB or -52dB to -6dB or -66db to -15db)
  • 5 way Silver alloy relay input switching
  • LED’s driven on/off, not “multiplexed” to remove digital noise
  • Audio PCB includes option for fitting two LSK389B Zero FeedBack J-Fet buffer (direct coupled – no coupling capacitors) to make a stand alone buffered passive preamplifier with <50Ohm Output Impedance
  • Control PCB delivered as one PCB but allows “break-off” of the rotary encoder & LED parts (connection via 20-Pin IDC cables (supplied)
  • Control PCB can control up to 3 Audio PCB’s (6 channels single ended or 3 channels balanced); with optional transformer can control up to 8 Audio PCB’s (16 channels single ended or 8 channels balanced)
  • Control PCB connects to Audio PCB via 20-Pin IDC cables (supplied)
  • Power Supply using schottky diodes and low noise regulators
  • Torroidal mains transformer with 115/230V Primary capable of supporting 3 Audio PCB’s with buffer fitted included
  • Mains transformer with 115/230V Primary capable of supporting 3 Audio PCB’s with buffer fitted included
  • Gold plated, 70 micron Copper PCB’s
  • **Includes drill template (PDF for printing on paper) for drilling front panels for LED’s, encoders and fittings

**Does not include Remote Control handset
includes 2 PCB: 1 pc audio pcb and 1 pc controller pcb. Picture shows both sides of controller

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Drill Template

Installation Manual


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Control Board + Audio Board, Additional Audio Board, Remote Control Handset


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