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Picture Gallery of Django Remote Control

Picture Gallery of Django Remote Control Remote Django Front View   Remote Django Back View Remote Django Dimension

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When is Ultimate Ever EZ?

  Now. Check this out: at the front we have the controls and the power supply. All the digital bits flow across those ribbons to selector (left), volume (right) and the audio signal board (chassis back). The audio signal board uses end-to-end analogue potentiometers to adjust volume and vacuum silver relays to select source. The […]

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Saffier’s Sabre DAC in Granite Case

Just wanted to share my “almost” end result of the DAC project. The Buffalo DAC 24bit/192Khz with UST output stage. A second (UST) unit is being planned so I can use the current output of the DAC instead of the voltage output. Should give even better detail and texture. Sound is great. See pictures attached. […]

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