Fedex Envelope (up to 0.5kg and low commercial value)

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Good for resistors, wires etc thin parts.

Countries List and Zone

US: Zone 2
US (West): Zone 1
Argentina: Zone G
Australia: Zone C
Austria: Zone F
Bangladesh: Zone F
Belgium: Zone E
Brazil: Zone G
Brunei: Zone B
Canada: Zone D
Chile: Zone G
China (South): Zone A
China (Excluding South): Zone B
Colombia: Zone G
Costa Rica: Zone G
Croatia: Zone H
Cyprus: Zone F
Czech Republic: Zone F
Denmark: Zone F
Egypt: Zone F
Estonia: Zone H
Finland: Zone F
France: Zone E
Germany: Zone E
Greece: Zone F
Greenland: Zone F
Hong Kong: Zone A
Hungary: Zone F
Iceland: Zone H
India: Zone C
Indonesia: Zone B
Ireland: Zone F
Israel: Zone F
Italy: Zone E
Japan: Zone B
Korea, South: Zone B
Kuwait: Zone F
Luxembourg: Zone F
Macau: Zone A
Malaysia: Zone B
Mexico: Zone D
Netherlands: Zone E
New Zealand: Zone C
Nigeria: Zone H
Norway: Zone F
Pakistan: Zone F
Panama: Zone G
Poland: Zone F
Portugal: Zone F
Romania: Zone H
Russia: Zone H
Saudi Arabia: Zone H
Singapore: Zone A
Slovakia: Zone F
Slovenia: Zone H
South Africa: Zone Z
Spain: Zone E
Sri Lanka: Zone F
Sweden: Zone F
Switzerland: Zone F
Taiwan: Zone A
Thailand: Zone B
Turkey: Zone F
Ukraine: Zone H
UAE: Zone H
UK: Zone E
Vietnam: Zone B


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