Fedex Pak (0.5kg/1kg/2kg) (Max. 2.5 kg)

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The volume of one FedEx pak is good for one pair of 300B. If you order two pairs of 300B, you will need to use TWO FedEx Paks, or one 2kg box (our packaging).

If your order is 1.5kg or 2.5kg, please email us for a quotation.


Countries List and Zone

US: Zone 2
US (West): Zone 1
Argentina: Zone G
Australia: Zone C
Austria: Zone F
Bangladesh: Zone F
Belgium: Zone E
Brazil: Zone G
Brunei: Zone B
Canada: Zone D
Chile: Zone G
China (South): Zone A
China (Excluding South): Zone B
Colombia: Zone G
Costa Rica: Zone G
Croatia: Zone H
Cyprus: Zone F
Czech Republic: Zone F
Denmark: Zone F
Egypt: Zone F
Estonia: Zone H
Finland: Zone F
France: Zone E
Germany: Zone E
Greece: Zone F
Greenland: Zone F
Hong Kong: Zone A
Hungary: Zone F
Iceland: Zone H
India: Zone C
Indonesia: Zone B
Ireland: Zone F
Israel: Zone F
Italy: Zone E
Japan: Zone B
Korea, South: Zone B
Kuwait: Zone F
Luxembourg: Zone F
Macau: Zone A
Malaysia: Zone B
Mexico: Zone D
Netherlands: Zone E
New Zealand: Zone C
Nigeria: Zone H
Norway: Zone F
Pakistan: Zone F
Panama: Zone G
Poland: Zone F
Portugal: Zone F
Romania: Zone H
Russia: Zone H
Saudi Arabia: Zone H
Singapore: Zone A
Slovakia: Zone F
Slovenia: Zone H
South Africa: Zone Z
Spain: Zone E
Sri Lanka: Zone F
Sweden: Zone F
Switzerland: Zone F
Taiwan: Zone A
Thailand: Zone B
Turkey: Zone F
Ukraine: Zone H
UAE: Zone H
UK: Zone E
Vietnam: Zone B


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